A London clinic specialising in hormone and fertility treatment.

Headed by one of the UK’s top academic experts on endocrinology, Dr. Channa Jayasena, we are a European centre of excellence for both male and female treatment.

Dr. Channa Jayasena

“The aim of Imperial Reproductive Endocrinology has always been to provide the best standard of care of any clinic in the world to both men and women seeking help with fertility and hormone problems. With our state-of-the-art facilities offering a wide range of services and recognised experts helping to provide critical support, we’re ideally placed to deliver the best outcomes for them.

We follow your progress from initial consultation all the way through to the successful outcome. We know the difference we can make to our patients’ lives, and the whole Clinic is set up around that understanding.”

Dr. Channa Jayasena

Clinical Director, Imperial Reproductive Endocrinology

Why us

Imperial Reproductive Endocrinology was founded and continues to be run by experts in their field, assuring you of the best medical expertise available. Working in tandem with Imperial College London (one of the world’s finest research universities), we have industry-leading facilities and an esteemed academic reputation for cutting-edge research and innovation - all to the benefit of our patients.



anonymous, 21, Student, London

“The service you provide is so important.

A huge thank you to both yourself and Dr Jayasena for helping me to start HRT. It has absolutely changed my life, and I am now on a brighter path.”


Oliver, Small business owner

“Unparalleled level of empathy, expertise, and professionalism

The treatment plan Dr. Jayasena proposed is reassuring, offering a clear path forward. This has been a huge relief for me and has lifted a significant weight off my shoulders. It is not often that one encounters a healthcare professional who combines such a high degree of knowledge with an equally commendable bedside manner.”


Danielle, 30, Teacher

“You have been unbelievably supportive and understanding

Thank you so much for all your support in helping me to get my thyroid sorted - I cannot thank you enough. You have been unbelievably supportive and understanding from our very first consultation - thank you”

Our services

While we treat both men and women for a variety of hormonal or fertility issues, our approach is the same for every patient. We believe the only way to treat people is to understand their specific problems and goals, put together everything we know from our vast experience and work on current best evidence. Because of our location in London and the volume of patients we see, we’ve treated extremely rare conditions that other doctors have never seen before. All of this means that you will receive an expertly-tailored, individual plan to improve your health that is best suited to your needs.

Get in touch

If you’d like to make an appointment, you can now book online. Otherwise, for more information please email [email protected] or telephone 0203 962 2213 to speak to a member of our team.