Services for men


Men of all ages come to us because of our expertise in managing a comprehensive range of conditions. In addition to treating routine conditions, we are often the clinic that other doctors turn to when they cannot help the patient further.

Low testosterone & testosterone replacement therapy

While testosterone levels naturally decrease as a man ages, it can mean a decrease in libido and a reduced sperm count. Other men may have a low testosterone level for their age. To solve this, we will undertake a detailed clinical assessment of you to work out the cause (e.g. metabolic/previous illnesses), and then tailor a custom treatment that chimes with your beliefs and lifestyle. This involves setting up a plan that can be managed by your local GP, then checking in with us every 6-12 months to keep track of your progress.

Gonadotrophin therapy

We see 100 patients per year for gonadotrophin therapy, making us one of the biggest clinics in the UK. Supplies of gonadotrophins can sometimes run low from manufacturers and can change quickly, so our expertise greatly helps patients gain access to the best medications without delay.

Sperm induction

The hormones FSH (for producing sperm) and LH (for producing testosterone) are critical for a man’s fertility. A problem or injury to the pituitary gland can cause a deficiency in these hormones, or you can be also be born deficient in these (congenital deficiency). We are one of the best in the UK at resolving this particular health issue.

Sperm freezing

We offer sperm freezing for a variety of conditions: for men about to undergo cancer treatment that could render them infertile, or for men about to have a vasectomy or gender reassignment surgery. We also are very happy to see men with Hepatitis C and HIV.

Cancer-related fertility treatment

Men who survive cancer may experience long term infertility and testosterone deficiency, which are conditions that we are very familiar with treating. We monitor the recovery of their reproductive function and also address the psychosexual consequences of being a cancer survivor - namely the corresponding emotional and relationship implications. These are often underestimated, and we provide ongoing support and counselling all in one place for the best patient experience.

Azoospermia & Klinefelter syndrome

Azoospermia is where a man’s semen contains no sperm, while Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorder that can mean sterility. Many doctors assume that these men cannot be helped, yet we know from the some men can be successfully treated. We offer a range of tailored hormonal therapies and sperm retrieval such as testicular mapping and mTESE (microsurgical testicular sperm extraction).

Research study testing DNA fragmentation and other sperm markers in men

I am leading a research study at Imperial College London, to better understand what causes unexplained infertility in men.