Is the quest for a Love Island body behind a boom in men injecting testosterone despite the risk of infertility and fatal blood clots?

Published on 28 July 2022



Hormone experts have warned that private clinics are putting young men at risk of infertility and potentially fatal blood clots by selling them unnecessary testosterone injections.


While advocates claim the jabs help men with low testosterone ‘regain their health, vitality and return to a fulfilling sex life’, they also shut off the body’s natural production of the male hormone – potentially triggering a host of complications when misused.


And it is this that is causing concern, as its use soars among young men desperate to match the muscular physiques seen on shows such as Love Island, as well as older men seeking to recapture the vigour of their youth.


Tomorrow, doctors from the Society For Endocrinology will issue a powerful statement claiming that this growing trend for testosterone replacement therapy is ‘dangerous’. Dr Channa Jayasena, head of male reproductive health at Imperial College London, said: ‘We’re seeing more and more men becoming very unwell because of taking these drugs, and we are having to pick up the pieces.’

Testosterone is naturally produced by both sexes, but men have more of it. In men, the hormone is made in the testes and is responsible for a host of functions, including maintaining sexual function, sperm production, distributing fat around the body, bone growth, healthy blood vessels and mood regulation.