Testosterone therapy in menopausal women

Published on 13 August 2019


Traditional’ hormone replacement therapy (HRT) containing oestrogen has well-known benefits for improving sexual function in menopausal women. However, women also make small amounts of testosterone, which has a less clearer role in female sexual function. There is a lot of debate among doctors whether adding testosterone to HRT helps patients feel better and is safe.

This CNN article discusses a recently published review of clinical trials giving testosterone therapy to menopausal women already receiving HRT. Its results agree with a similar review we published earlier this year. The results suggest that in women with problems with sexual function, adding testosterone to traditional HRT may have benefit. Testosterone was not without side effects: acne and slightly increased facial hair were common complaints. The message is that oestrogen-containing HRT should still be the treatment of choice almost all menopausal women. However, testosterone could be added to HRT when menopausal women have sexual symptoms which are persistent.